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Draco Malfoy ([personal profile] malus_fides) wrote2010-09-03 09:02 pm

Now that I have proper time write

Hogwarts, I am here.

As I am sure you will all be surprised, I almost didn't come back. Before the end of term last year, my father had been discussing the possibility of transferring me to Durmstrang, but now that he is otherwise occupied, those plans fell through as I couldn't possibly leave Mother alone at the Manor by herself.

At any rate, the train ride to Hogwarts would've been incredibly boring if not for the company of Pansy and Blaise. Pansy was lovely, as usual, and Blaise--well, it's always entertaining to watch him be wrong.

I was very excited to see that Professor Snape now has the position he rightfully deserves as Professor for DADA. I have high hopes that we'll actually learn something for a change.