malus_fides: (disgust)
Draco Malfoy ([personal profile] malus_fides) wrote2010-09-14 11:03 pm

(no subject)

Today, I spent some time working on a particularly important project of mine, went to the first meeting of the Potions Club, and have taken the time to request a new outfit from my tailor for Blaise's party, as it would be terrible for me to be anything less than perfect if Pansy is intending on buying a new gown for the occasion.

Also today, I hexed was accosted by some uncouth Hufflepuffs who now know better than to sneak up behind me in a dark corridor.

In regards to Quidditch, I have had the misfortune this afternoon to see Weasley practice at his Keeper position, and am now assured of Slytherin victory for the Quidditch Cup.

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