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Private to Blaise

Do I need to hex Finnigan for you?
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Private to Blaise Zabini


I have just received a very odd letter. FROM POTTER.
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Why on earth is everyone following me around like I'm a criminal??
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Private to Blaise Zabini

I think you're my only friend.
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Private to Vincent

I've been talking with Greg, and I—I wanted to say I'm sorry.
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Private to Colin Creevey

I'd forgotten, but Blaise wants to know how those pictures you took came out. Have you developed them yet?
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Private to Slytherin

Blaise, sometimes I wonder if you're an idiot.
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Private to Greg and Vince

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My mother is innocent.
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Meet me in the common room in half an hour.

Don't be late this time.
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Will someone please tell me what's going on with Professor Snape? He's been gone for days! I have a right to know!
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My Father has escaped.

Do you hear that, Potter? All of your stupid interviews and your stupid adventures didn't mean anything and my Father is out of Azkaban.

My Father is one of the most brilliant men alive, and all of you stupid Mudbloods will suffer, just you wait. My Father will make sure of it.
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Today, I spent some time working on a particularly important project of mine, went to the first meeting of the Potions Club, and have taken the time to request a new outfit from my tailor for Blaise's party, as it would be terrible for me to be anything less than perfect if Pansy is intending on buying a new gown for the occasion.

Also today, I hexed was accosted by some uncouth Hufflepuffs who now know better than to sneak up behind me in a dark corridor.

In regards to Quidditch, I have had the misfortune this afternoon to see Weasley practice at his Keeper position, and am now assured of Slytherin victory for the Quidditch Cup.
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Another night being bored to tears by Gryffindors and Ravenclaws.

I should rightfully assume, of course, that everyone has been waiting with bated breath for another of my missives, and my generous nature causes me difficulty whenever I try to deny the masses access to my majesty.

I have been silent this weekend because I, as most everyone else, have been very diligent in my studies, particularly in Charms and DADA. There is a certain convenience of having two free periods this year, and I intend to make use of every free moment.

In other news, the Quidditch tryouts for Slytherin will be held next week. What with Warrington, Pucey, and Montague all leaving school last term, we need to get new Chasers.
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Hogwarts, I am here.

As I am sure you will all be surprised, I almost didn't come back. Before the end of term last year, my father had been discussing the possibility of transferring me to Durmstrang, but now that he is otherwise occupied, those plans fell through as I couldn't possibly leave Mother alone at the Manor by herself.

At any rate, the train ride to Hogwarts would've been incredibly boring if not for the company of Pansy and Blaise. Pansy was lovely, as usual, and Blaise--well, it's always entertaining to watch him be wrong.

I was very excited to see that Professor Snape now has the position he rightfully deserves as Professor for DADA. I have high hopes that we'll actually learn something for a change.
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care what you say, silk brocade is against the rules, Blaise!


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