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Draco Malfoy ([personal profile] malus_fides) wrote2010-09-08 11:11 pm

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Another night being bored to tears by Gryffindors and Ravenclaws.

I should rightfully assume, of course, that everyone has been waiting with bated breath for another of my missives, and my generous nature causes me difficulty whenever I try to deny the masses access to my majesty.

I have been silent this weekend because I, as most everyone else, have been very diligent in my studies, particularly in Charms and DADA. There is a certain convenience of having two free periods this year, and I intend to make use of every free moment.

In other news, the Quidditch tryouts for Slytherin will be held next week. What with Warrington, Pucey, and Montague all leaving school last term, we need to get new Chasers.

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